Monday, November 22, 2010

New New New Batik Collection

Hurry Up!! Grab Now for a Special Promotion Price!!

For price information, please email / call 013-395 5100. Upon enquiry, please provide your details including Name, Contact Number and Product Code.
As usual, the MORE U BUY, the MORE DISCOUNT u will get!! so Hurry before it's GONE!!!
CL01 - Crepe

CL02 - Sateen

CL03 - Sateen

CL04 - Sateen

CL05 - Crepe

CL06 - Sateen

CL07 - Sateen

CL08 - Sateen

CL09 - Sateen

CL10 - Sateen

CL11 - Crepe

CL12 - Crepe

CL13 - Sateen

CL14 - Sateen

CL15 - Sateen

CL16 - Sateen

CL17 - Sateen

CL18 - Sateen

CL19 - Exclusive Sateen

CL20 - Chiffon (Sooo Sweeet)

CL21 - Sateen

Call me for further inquiry :). Please.. I don't bite ;)


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