Sunday, May 24, 2009



Please be informed that all Pre-Ordered Tie Rack Scarves are ready to be shipped. Kindly email me with your detail payment and preferred delivery address for shipment.

If you do not receive any email with regards to your order. Please please email me for confirmation as i might missed one or two emails.

Thanks and Have a Nice Day :)

Best Regards,

YaNie ( / 013-3955100)

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Exclusive Batik

More and More exclusive Batik up for Grab!! Hurry up email me for quotation!!

There are still available Batik from previous entry for u to choose from :) (The one with no sign of RESERVED / SOLD are all available)

CE35 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE36 - Creep SOLD
CE37 - Creep SOLD

Interested? Email or call / sms 013-395 5100 for quotation.
Thanks :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exclusive Batik up for grab!!!

Hello Lovely Shoppers,

I have new stock for Exclusive Batik so hurry up!! Grab Now before its all GONE GONE GONE!!!

As usual, email me @ / sms 013-395 5100 the code number and i will send the quotation. The More u buy, the More DISCOUNT u will get and not to worry as all the prices quoted inclusive of delivery cost!!

If u have any budget constraint for this month, u may opt to pay the next mnth but with the deposit of RM50 for each piece. U will only get the item after full payment has been made.

Btw, u still have time to order for your Mother's Day Delivery in a Special Box with a gift card!!!

So what r u waiting for???? Happy shopping!!! :)

CE01 - Chiffon (Tie Dye) SOLD
CE02- Sateen (Tie Dye)
CE03 - Chiffon (Tie Dye) SOLD
CE04 - Sateen (Tie Dye) SOLD
CE05 - Sateen SOLD
CE06 - Sateen SOLD
CE07 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE08 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE09 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE10 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE11 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE12 - Chiffon + Sateen
CE13 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE14 -Sateen SOLD
CE15 - Sateen SOLD
CE16 - Sateen SOLD
CE17 - Sateen SOLD
CE18 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE19 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD

CE20 - Chiffon + Creep SOLD
CE21 - Sateen SOLD
CE22 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE23 - Sateen SOLD
CE24 - Chiffon + Sateen
CE25 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE26 - Chiffon SOLD
CE27 - Sateen SOLD
CE28 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE29 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CE30 - Sateen SOLD
CE31 - Sateen SOLD
CE32 - Sateen SOLD
CE33 - Sateen SOLD
CE34 - Sateen Jacquard (Sri Warisan) SOLD

Interested? Email or call / sms 013-395 5100 for quotation.

Thanks :)