Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frame your Photos with CANVAS!!

I'm now taking orders for those interested to frame your fav. photos in CANVAS!! I have 3 samples here and more to come especially the one in full colour.

These are some of the prices: (for other sizes pls email me personally)

1. Price for (12" x 16") B&W/Sephia - only RM50 each with frame!! Buy 3 for only RM140!!
2. Price for (12" x 16") Full Colour - only RM60 each with frame!! Buy 3 for only RM170!!
3. Price for (12" x 12") B&W/Sephia - only RM45 each with frame!! Buy 4 for only RM160!!
4. Price for (12" x 12") Full Colour - only RM55 each with frame!! Buy 4 for only RM200!!

If u were to order more than the above mentioned, do email me and i'll try to give u the best possible price !!

So what are u waiting for?? email me : / call or sms 013-395 5100

Make something out of ur photos instead of just keep it in your DVD / PC. I know most of u have so many photos from ur personal collection or even from the professionals :). So Hurry2!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Batch of GORGEOUS BATIK. Grab NOW!!!

We now accept PAYPAL as another method of payment. Please email me for more information.

For price information, please email / call 013-395 5100. Upon enquiry, please provide your details including Name, Contact Number and Product Code.
As usual, the MORE U BUY, the MORE DISCOUNT u will get!! so Hurry before it's GONE!!!

CI01 - Sateen SOLD
CI02 - Chiffon + Sateen (Digital Design) RESERVE to Z
CI03 - Crepe (Digital Design)
CI04 - Chiffon + Sateen (Digital Design with Batik Design skirt)
CI05 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CI06 - Sateen
CI07 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CI08 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CI09 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CI10 - Chiffon + Sateen
CI11- Chiffon + Sateen
CI12 - Chiffon + Sateen
CI13 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CI14 - Sateen
CI15 - Sateen
CI16- SateenCI17 - Chiffon + Sateen CI18 - Sateen
CI19 - Chiffon + Sateen
CI20 - Sateen SOLD
CI21 - Sateen

Enjoy shopping ;)