Monday, March 23, 2009

More & More Tie Racks!!!

More Pre-Order Tie Rack for you to choose...

TRL29J - Out of Stock -
TRL30J - Out of Stock -



TRL33J - Out of Stock -

Email: SMS / CALL : 013-395 5100

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Pre - Order Tie Racks

Hi!! more pre-ordered Tie Racks for u.. It's so easy. Just email me the code that u r interested with and I will reply with the processes :)

Email: SMS / CALL : 013-395 5100
However, i only accept official order viaEmail for my tracking purposes. Thanks

Some of the TR are already with me.. so anyone who email me first might get the chance to have it soon!!

Easy Peasy!!

TRL19J - Out of Stock -
TRL21J - Out of Stock -

TRL25J - Out of Stock -


TRL27J - Out of Stock -

TRS18J - Out of Stock -

Thanks & Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Email me to reserve yours today!!! / sms 013-395 5100 for more info.

If u interested to buy others available, please view this CLEARANCE SALE entry.

CC01 - Sateen RESERVED
CC02 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CC03 - Sateen SOLD
CC04 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CC05 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CC06 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CC07 - Sateen SOLD
CC08 - Sateen RESERVED
CC09 - Sateen SOLD
CC10 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CC11 - Chiffon + Sateen SOLD
CC12 - Chiffon + Sateen (Tie-Dye) SOLD
CC13 - Chiffon + Sateen (Tie -Dye) SOLD
CC14 - Jacquerd Silk Warisan SOLD
CC15 - Sateen Warisan SOLD
CC16 - Sateen Warisan SOLD

Thanks and Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Dear All Lovely Shoppers,

I would like to clear all my Batik stock in hand to give way to new coming stock next week.. anyone interested to have these lovely Batik, please feel free to email me for price negotiation. I will try to give the best value for money for my collection of Exclusive Batik.

Clearance Sale is ON from 6th March - 31st March.
So Hurry Up!!! Grab yours today!!

These are all available items for clearance:

CA11 - Top Chiffon, Skirt Sateen - SOLD
CA12 - Top Chiffon, Skirt Sateen - SOLD
CA01 - Top Chiffon, Skirt Sateen - SOLD
CB08 - Chiffon + Sateen - RESERVED
CB01 (chiffon + sateen) - SOLD

CA13 - Top Chiffon, Skirt Sateen - SOLD

CA16 - Top Chiffon, Skirt Sateen - SOLD
CA06 - Top Chiffon, Skirt Sateen - SOLD

CB07 (Sateen) - SOLD

CB02 (chiffon + sateen) SOLD

CB15 ( Sateen ) - SOLD

CB19 (Chiffon + Sateen) SOLD

CB13 (Sateen) - SOLD

CB12 (Sateen) - RESERVED

Interested? Email or SMS / Call 013-3955100 for quick reply.Thanks